The Data Scientist Rises


There are a bunch of new buzzwords in town and they all seem to do with Data Insights. And increasingly it seems like almost every sphere of science and business wants a piece of this data pie.

News and popular media are constantly buzzing with headlines like:

Large Retail chain launches app to predict what and when you are most likely to buy in store and target you with specific offers! 

“Govts to use data analytics and build smarter more sustainable cities!”

Scientists use data insights to get closer than ever to uncovering the secrets of life and a possible cure for cancer !“.

Wherever you look, today’s insights are increasingly being driven by innovations in how we are able to manipulate and work with large and diverse pools of data (Big Data) to find meaning . The questions that were previously too large and too expensive to bother with figuring out are suddenly seemingly within reach.

Our Big Data challenges are thankfully simplified by drivers like industry wide adoption of free and open source software and increasingly creative re-purposing of cheap commodity hardware.

With the Data revolution firmly underway, new and exciting challenges lay ahead and the need of the hour is people with deep skills across a wide ranges of disciplines, (the Data Scientist) to show us the way in this veritable data jungle.

If, like me,  you too are interested in finding out what all the fuss is about Data Science and Big Data,  Join me on a journey where I attempt to make sense of it all !

-Sam Pasham ( DSG )


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