Udacity and AT&T partner to launch #Nanodegrees!


MooCs have been around or a while now, but most courses have largely been offered as point courses with limited scopes on popular platforms like EdX, Coursera and Udacity. Learners however realised that they could put together a sort of virtual degree by stringing together courses from across platforms.

EdX and Coursera recognised this early on and began to cater to this need by offering mini diplomas with their X-series and Specialization programs respectively. Udacity is now set to join them by launching their nanodegrees.

Udacity pitches the nanodegrees as complete in such a way that they will arm students with the most relevant skills they need to land the dream job. Of course, it helps their case that they have partnered with top companies in Silicon Valley and beyond.

The courses are set to be launched in the Fall and will start with nanodegrees for  Front-End Web DevelopersBack-End Web Developers, and Mobile iOS Developers in collaboration with AT&T who will also reserve upto 100 internships for graduates of these programs.

For aspiring Data Scientists they will also have a Data Analyst nanodegree developed in collaboration with Cloudera, MongoDB, AT&T and Facebook on offer.




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