Facebook open sources Hydrabase, a next-generation HBase

Big movements in Big Data


Facebook announced in a blog post on Thursday that it has upgraded the Apache HBase database with a new open source system called HydraBase. Facebook is an avid HBase shop, using it to store data for various services, including the company’s internal monitoring system, search indexing, streaming data analysis and data scraping. What makes HydraBase better than HBase is that it is supposedly a more reliable database that should minimize downtime when servers fail.

With HBase, data is sharded across many regions, with multiple regions hosted on a set of “region servers.” If a region server goes down, all the regions it hosts have to migrate to another region server. According to Facebook, although HBase has automatic failover, it can take a long time to actually happen.

HydraBase counters this lag by having each region hosted on multiple region servers, so if a single server were to go kaput, the other region servers can…

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