When everything is data, there’s opportunity in everything


Today, nearly every part of our world can reduced to a number. Physical, digital, alive, inanimate — everything is a source of data just waiting to be processed and analyzed. When the technologies for carrying out that processing and analysis improve, everything likely will be turned into data. It’s both a fascinating thought and a scary one, because for better or for worse, data will truly be a kingmaker.

We can see the writing on the wall already; in Google’s $400 billion valuation and steady creep into our homes, and in the National Security Agency’s relentless quest to suck up every piece of personal information under the sun. They want omnipotence and omnipresence, and they know the path to those goals is lined with data. And when we look past questions of whether we can stop them or if we even should want to, we should all see the…

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