[Repost] Want to start small with Big Data? DEXTRA is here to help!

Sounds like Asia’s answer to Kaggle. This space looks geared to heat up and see many more contenders

crazy curious.

Note: Article by Satya Kothimangalam. Originally posted on Your Story (India’s No. 1 media platform for entrepreneurs).

Everybody has heard of how Big Data is going to transform every industry – but businesses still remain sceptical to invest time and money to hire a data science team in-house. Dextra is demonstrating how businesses can harness data science – without having to put data scientists on a payroll! The key lies in crowdsourcing.


DEXTRA is an online data innovation challenge platform, which allows companies to get access to a community of data scientists. Dextra was created through a collaboration between Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore and Newton Circus (a Singapore-based technology startup). Companies host data-driven challenges on DEXTRA, and open up their data sets to the online community of data scientists. The data scientists will compete to find the best solutions to these challenges and the winners will get a…

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