New Twitter Tool Finds Hot Topics Before They Trend | Gadget Lab |

BY TIM MOYNIHAN  01.29.143:27 PM

By the time a topic is “trending” on Twitter, it’s probably old news already. Today in New York City, data-crunching company Dataminr announced a new tool for journalists. Its goal is to seek out news stories before they’re heavily reported.

Dataminr For News does this by scanning Twitter, albeit in a slightly different way from existing filter tools. The news-gathering tool was developed as a partnership with Twitter and CNN, whose reporters and editors have been using the software for six months and have helped shape it during that time.

According to Dataminr CEO Ted Bailey, Dataminr For News is different from tools such as Tweetdeck, Hootsuite, and Twitscoop because it’s “a tool for when you don’t know what you’re looking for.” Rather than filter Twitter-wide posts based on keywords — which would involve knowing specifics about an event before it occurred — the platform uses an algorithm that analyzes Tweets based on parameters such as geolocation and clustered reports.

It’s also able to pinpoint whether real-time reports have been posted by “citizen journalists” or traditional news outlets. This helps the newsroom jump on a developing story as a scoop rather than rehash already-reported stories.

via New Twitter Tool Finds Hot Topics Before They Trend | Gadget Lab |


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