Who are the big players in big data?


Have we already gotten through the what, how, and why?  What about who?

You probably have heard of some of them, but certainly not all.  Predictably, the question needs to be refined and luckily I have designed a game card to assist – 

Our score card has some terms that will creep into future posts, but we will dig in on the segments and the providers making up a large share of the (projected, 2013) $18.1B big data market [1].   Sticklers could add categories here, but then our signal:noise ratio would plummet.  For the list of the “players,” I have put in the most current market share data that I could find, and have not listed any companies with lower than 5% market share unless they were specifically named in the references cited.

1. Application infrastructure & middleware: Support and a service-oriented architecture for…

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