Customer Data in the Air: Just How Friendly Do Customers Want the Skies to Be?

Grewal Levy Marketing News

Los Angeles LAXAirline companies already collect most of the data that other sellers are desperate to access. Because of the security regulations surrounding modern travel, they know every customer’s birthdate, identification number, and address. By simply tracking what customers do with the company, they can also readily learn vast behavioral information, such as where the passenger tends to travel, at what times of day, and in which seasons, as well as what the flier likes to drink and how much luggage he or she tends to bring along.

It’s a vast treasure trove of customer data. But until recently, airlines have done very little with this information, in terms of marketing to customers. That gap appears to be shrinking though as airlines recognize that they have a captive audience, stuck for several hours with no means to escape while they proffer their sales pitch. For example, Allegiant Air takes to the intercom…

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