Data on Big Data » Marcia Conner

How much data is generated through social media tools?

People send more than 144.8 billion Email messages sent a day.

People and brands on Twitter send more than 340 million tweets a day.

People on Facebook share more than 684,000 bits of content a day.

People upload 72 hours (259,200 seconds) of new video to YouTube a minute.

Consumers spend $272,000 on Web shopping a day.

Google receives over 2 million search queries a minute.

Apple receives around 47,000 app downloads a minute.

Brands receive more than 34,000 Facebook ‘likes’a minute.

Tumblr blog owners publish 27,000 new posts a minute.

Instagram photographers share 3,600 new photos a minute.

Flickr photographers upload 3,125 new photos a minute.

People perform over 2,000 Foursquare check-ins a minute.

Individuals and organizations launch 571 new websites a minute.

WordPress bloggers publish close to 350 new blog posts a minute.

The Mobile Web receives 217 new participants a minute.

(The most updated numbers are available from the sites themselves.)

via Data on Big Data » Marcia Conner.


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